Free Audio Workouts

Want ready made free audio workouts? Visit for a wide assortment of proven workouts from a variety of active trainers like Stew Smith (Tactical Fitness), Clinton Dobbins (The Simple Six, an Amazon bestseller), Laura Tarbell (Trend'N Tone for runners), and many more. Each workout provides voice and video cues while the free TriadXP app tracks and logs your results.   

Convert Your Fitness Routines Into
Audio-guided Workouts...
In Just Minutes.

Even Track and Record Your Time, Reps, Distance and Resistance

Turn your fitness routines into a free audio workouts. Now you can turn your favorite Instagram, Pinterest, website, book or e-book workouts into voice-guided workouts that you can do anywhere, anytime and automatically track and log your performance.

Quickly and easily replicate your workouts then tap "Perform Workout." In seconds, your workouts come alive with step-by-step audio instructions that cue you on what to do, when to do it, for how long, how many, how much resistance, and even how far.  With immediate feedback at the end of each workout on times, reps, distances, and resistance, you'll have plenty of information to help you assess workout performance, progress towards your goals, and to easily share with trainers, coaches, friends and family.

Never before has so much utility been packaged in one app...

How It Works


Create your own audio-guided workouts from your favorite fitness books, websites, or videos.


Step-by-step voice-guidance, listen to your favorite tunes while you exercise, track and record your results.


Review results (time, rep, distance and resistance) in real-time, track progress toward your goals.


Modify exercises and change goals to stay motivated, overcome training barriers, and make exercise a habit.

With Free Audio Workouts You Get..

Versatility to create any strength, cardio, flexibility or balance workout.

  • Deliver workouts remotely.
  • Flexible to accommodate different forms of workouts. 
  • Goal setting feature for setting time, rep, distance, and resistance targets.
  • Add exercises on the fly, include photos or videos of exercises.
  • Create "same as, except for" workouts quickly.

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Automatic audio-guidance and tracking of workout activities throughout your entire routine.

  • Step-by-step voice cues to guide you through your entire workout routine.
  • Automatic (and accurate) tracking of time, reps, distance, pace and resistance.
  • Optional manual tracking for treadmill, rowing, and other machine based exercises.
  • Track workouts in real time using device timer and GPS tracking for distance traveled.
  • Easy to read screens for instant feedback on performance— immediate reinforcement of workout targets.
  • Capture qualitative feedback on workout accomplishments.
  • Integrated music feature for listening to music during workouts.
  • Ability to pause during workouts.

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Real-time results and feedback on workout accomplishments.

  • Real-time audio and visual display to compare to performance to targets and goals.
  • Immediate report outs and logs provide evidence-based information for goal setting and problem-solving.
  • Easy to read tables and statistics of workouts and exercises performed.
  • Store performance data to track progress towards goals over time.
  • Share performance and comments via email with trainers, coaches, friends, and family. 

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Goal setting and problem-solving features to help you overcome training barriers.

  • Workout history to track progress toward training, exercise and weight goals
  • Videos demonstrating exercises to ensure proper form and execution.
  • Ability to modify exercises and progressions to overcome training barriers.

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If you’re into fitness, Triad Trainer puts it all together
in one easy to use app…

Looking for a fitness app that’s versatile, easy to use, and gets results right away—for FREE?

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