Turn Workouts into Free Audio Workouts

With TriadXP, you can make free audio workouts using a range of audio and visual cues to help you stay focused on your workout and in the zone. You can modify and personalize them to meet your exact needs and circumstances. Design your exercise routine from scratch or replicate it using the prescriptions and exercises, even the images and videos, from books, websites, or YouTube on your iOS or Android device in just minutes. Best of all, you can share them with anyone and everyone!

Instant workouts, detailed and personalized.

TriadXP lets you instantly create detailed, personalized workouts complete with exercise images, prescriptions, even "how to" instructions to reference for proper form--in just a few taps. Select copy/paste text, images, select media from your photo gallery, or use YouTube links for follow-along cues or instructional guidance. Experiment with different sources from PNG, JPG, MP4, MOV, or GIF. Easily add exercises and circuits on the fly, rearrange or delete them, and modify the details with tools for time, reps, distance, and resistance prescriptions and more.  And, hear the workout cues and guidance as your workout dynamically recomposes to the prescribed details of your workout.

Download TriadXP


Sample workouts.

From your iOS or Android device, click a link below to experience one of TriadXP's free audio workouts. If you already have TriadXP on your device, the app will open and follow the directions. If you don't have the app, you'll be taken to the appropriate app store to download it. 

MM-HIIT -- MM-HIIT workouts go way beyond cardio and into full-on strength training, muscle toning, and overall fitness. Choose a warm-up activity, select from eleven exercise the three exercises you want to perform for your one-minute circuit. Complete the circuit doing the rep-based exercises and use the remaining time to complete the last exercise in the circuit. Rest three-minutes, then repeat the circuit. Try to do six rounds.   

Murphy -- This challenging workout named after Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, who was killed in action, is popular among many CrossFit boxes and tactical fitness circles. It's a tough workout that tests your endurance and strength, and a great way to honor a fallen hero. Though you might not be able to do a full Murph, you can alter it with TriadXP to fit your needs and circumstances. Try it and see.

Get your golf game in shape -- This workout was created from a January 2023 post by Kolby Tullier on Golf.com. Notice how TriadXP is able to turn this workout into an audiovisual guided workout using the content from the post. Here's the kicker, you can personalize the workout by adding other exercises, or incorporating YouTube videos for more detailed exercise instruction. With TriadXP, there's no limit to how you can personalize your training and centralize all your favorite training materials in one fitness app.

Workout Canvas

Design your workout. Exercise by exercise.

Let the workout canvas guide you through your workout creation from adding exercises, circuits and rest periods. Choose from over 200 preloaded exercises or create and add your own exercises from online or offline sources. Save exercise and circuits so you can incorporate them into other routines without having to create them again.


Make workouts

Easy. From the first exercise to the last.

Whether you're using a phone or tablet, it's never been easier to make it in the fitness world. Just give your workout a name, add any information about the workout in the description, choose or create your exercises, circuits and as much or as little prescription details as you want. You can even add audio exercise notes to your workout guidance. And that, everyone, is as personalized as it gets. 


Edit like a Pro

With TriadXP, create free audio workouts without a media degree. Easily add photos and videos to workouts, you can even trim images with your finger and use your device's editing tools. Use swipe functions to copy, add rest, or remove exercises and circuits. You can even copy/paste text and images and incorporate them into your routines.


Extra-special Effects

Set exercise modality to time, reps, or distance. And, mix match to do time based and track reps, distance and resistance. Use metric or U.S. measures. Track load or color bands. Use left / right splits, halfway alerts, and more. Customize your workout to fit your style and needs. Choose from a variety of accents and voice options. Turn voice guidance on or off. Record performance as prescribe to avoid having to enter results. Use GSP to automatically track distance actives even connect to Concept2 equipment to pull key performance metrics from the machine. In short, you can create the workout experience thats right for you.



Release your workout to the waiting public

TriadXP gives you lots of ways to share with your friends, family and personal training clients. You can send a link to your workout via email or text for instant access or use the link on popular social media sites like Instagram or Facebook or your website. And getting share-worthy workouts out there has never been easier -- or faster -- with TriadXP. Create your workout, then sit back and let the world train with your routines.  


Convert Your Fitness Routines Into
Audio-guided Workouts...
In Just Minutes.

Even Track and Record Your Time, Reps, Distance and Resistance

Turn your online and offline fitness routines into a free audio workouts. Now you can turn your favorite Instagram, Pinterest, website, book or e-book workouts into voice and visually guided workouts that you can do anywhere, anytime and automatically track and log your performance.

Quickly and easily replicate your workouts then tap "Perform Workout." In seconds, your workouts come alive with step-by-step audiovisual instructions that cue you on what to do, when to do it, for how long, how many, how much resistance, and even how far.  With immediate feedback at the end of each workout on times, reps, distances, and resistance, you'll have plenty of information to help you assess your workout performance, see your progress towards your goals, and easily share your results with trainers, coaches, friends and family.

Never before has so much utility been packaged in one app...

How It Works

The TriadXP app allows you to create free audio workouts using online and offline sources like books, magazines, PDFs, or websites.


Create your own audiovisual guided workouts in as much or as little detail as you want using images, GIFs, and YouTube videos from your favorite fitness books, websites, or YouTube posts. No more struggling to read instructions while trying to stay focused on your exercise. Never get frustrated again by limited canned databases. Build an unlimited exercise database of the exact exercises and instructions you want in your workouts. The TriadXP app will provide you with a seamless training experience, guiding you through each step of your workout with ease.

The TriadXP fitness app provides clear voice and visual cues, ensuring you stay on track and motivated!


Step-by-step voice and visual cues guide you through your training routine while you listen to your favorite tunes or book as you exercise, track and record your results. There's even options to have TriadXP automatically track your results as prescribe, and use GPS or manual tracking for distance based exercises. 

See all your results by exercise or activity at the end of your workout.


Review results (time, rep, distance and resistance) in real-time, track progress toward your goals. Use TriadXP's easy to read workout summary to see all your results by exercise and set.  

Adjust exercises, time, reps, sets, distance, and resistance to your needs, circumstances, and goals.


Modify exercises and change goals to stay motivated, overcome training barriers, and make exercise a habit. Whether its a workout you created or a preplanned workout you modify it anyway you want from simply adjusting time, rep, distance or resistance targets to adding your own exercises, supersets or circuits. you even save unlimited versions of workouts.

With Free Audio Workouts You Get..

This new mobile app helps you turn online and offline exercise routines into free audio workouts!

Versatility to create any strength, cardio, flexibility or balance workout.

  • Deliver workouts remotely.
  • Flexible to accommodate different forms of workouts. 
  • Goal setting feature for setting time, rep, distance, and resistance targets.
  • Add exercises on the fly, include photos, GIFs or YouTube videos of exercises.
  • Create "same as, except for" workouts quickly.

Now you can get voice and visual cues during your workouts!

Automatic audio-guidance and tracking of workout activities throughout your entire routine.

  • Step-by-step voice cues to guide you through your entire workout routine.
  • Automatic (and accurate) tracking of time, reps, distance, pace and resistance.
  • Optional manual tracking for treadmill, rowing, and other machine based exercises.
  • Track workouts in real time using device timer and GPS tracking for distance traveled.
  • Sync with Concept 2 machines for distance and pace metrics.
  • Easy to read screens for instant feedback on performance— immediate reinforcement of workout targets.
  • Capture qualitative feedback on workout accomplishments.
  • Integrated sound feature for listening to music or books during workouts.
  • Ability to pause, step exercise or circuits during workouts.

Create distance activities with GPS or manual tracking so you can train indoors or out.

Real-time results and feedback on workout accomplishments.

  • Real-time audio and visual display to compare to performance to targets and goals.
  • Immediate report outs and logs provide evidence-based information for goal setting and problem-solving.
  • Easy to read tables and statistics of workouts and exercises performed.
  • Store performance data to track progress towards goals over time.
  • Share performance and comments via email with trainers, coaches, friends, and family. 

Modify your workouts based on exercise metrics.

Goal setting and problem-solving features to help you overcome training barriers.

  • Workout history to track progress toward training, exercise and weight goals
  • Accountability calendar tracks workout days and awards daily Triads when you complete your workouts 
  • Videos demonstrating exercises to ensure proper form and execution.
  • Ability to modify exercises and progressions to overcome training barriers.

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