Triad Fitness Group, LLC

Why we're here

In everything we do, we believe in fostering free will. We believe in the freedom of choice.

The way we foster free will is by making our platform, tools and programs easily accessible, freely comparable, and deeply insightful for consumers to make choices that support their fitness and physical therapy goals.

And, we are building an awesome fitness and PT software platform, app, and community.

Wanna help us?

Our story

It’s simple.

I traveled extensively for work. I worked out to stay in shape and manage stress. It was a pain trying to keep track of my workouts. I was using paper, e-books, and several apps but there were no apps for the workouts I enjoyed or from the trainers I learned to trust over the years.

Came out of Necessity

Let me tell you, I wasted a bunch of time and money trying hundreds of fitness apps.

In the end, I was never able to find my particular workouts, trainers, or the one app capable of creating, delivering and tracking the combination of time, reps, distance and/or resistance protocols that I might do over the course of single workout or week.

Of course, I found good apps for time based training, for HIIT, or Tabata, and distance based training like running or cycling, weight training or body weight workout routines. But, I do all these and got to the point where I couldn't even remember which apps had what. 

A long story short, I decided to create my own software platform with the tools to allow people to create and perform, distraction-free, any workout from any trainer using any protocol.

But, there was a problem.

I had no programming or software skills.

After getting taken by “start-up” specialist and developers that just wanted my money even when they failed to deliver, I meet David Keene.

David is a high integrity guy with great software and mobile technology skills who, like me, wants to make a difference in the world. 

With David's help, we were able to transform a bunch of ideas into powerful scripts capable of creating every workout routine I had in my fitness books, e-books, or videos. We created routines from websites and apps.

Then, we made sure that when we performed them the only thing we had to do was press Perform Workout and concentrate on working out without having to worry about remembering what to do, when to do it, or for how long, how much or how many.

Best of all, when a workout was done, the app produced a complete report out of the how long, how many reps, how far and how much resistance for each an every exercise that was performed depending on the prescribed protocol.

We produced an awesome prototype and then keep on going.

With David’s skills, we were able to create an awesome prototype of our fitness platform and mobile app.

Today, using our platform and app, you can create, perform and track just about any workout or protocol. The platform and app are packed with utility.

It's More Than Just An App.

Triad Trainer is a platform that enables anyone to create, self-publish, and market audio-guided fitness and physical therapy programs for patients and consumers to find, buy, perform, track, rate and follow them. It also lets consumers turn the books, pdfs, blogs, website workouts they see into audiovisual workouts they follow and track with their phone.

That means that through the Triad platform, a publisher or self-publisher can turn their workouts into in-app mobile workouts or training programs, market them through the Triad Marketplace where users can find, buy, follow and rate them. Users can download them to the Triad Mobile App and perform them while the app tracks and logs their results.

It also means, if a user already has workouts they like they can convert them into audiovisual guided Triad  workouts and track and log the results of their workout.

Where we go from here.

We believe you should have the right to choose your fitness specialist.

And, fitness specialists should be free to produce audiovisual guided workouts that consumers can use to not only be guided through a workout but to record and log their results.

We believe by creating an open community, the best fitness specialists, ideas, and programs can be accessible, comparable, and insightful for everyone.

Help Us Build a Great Community.

Our goal is to enable fitness specialists to easily create, promote and distribute audiovisual guided workouts and for consumers to find, download, and perform them while the results are systematically logged.

Then, as the platform reaches critical mass, it will create its own "celebrities" of content providers and users out of useful ratings and reviews.

Thank you,

Mike and David


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