Finally, a 5BX App for iPhone and Android

Step-by-step voice guidance including
performance tracking, exercise videos, and more

Triad Fitness Group published a TriadXP 5BX App making it easier to perform and track the famous Royal Canadian Air Force exercise program. The TriadXP app, available on iPhone and Androids, lets you perform mobile-exercise programs and workouts like 5BX anywhere, anytime, any way you choose.

All six 5BX Charts, available separately, are downloaded to the App's Workout Library. Pick a 5BX workout and perform it as prescribed or tailor it to fit your needs or situation. When you're ready, press the "Perform" button to start, and voice cues tell you which exercise to do when, how long, how many, or how far. And, in case the exercise name doesn't ring a bell, there are videos to show you which activity to perform.

Library List 5BX Charts
Charts List Levels
Preview Workouts
Includes Exercise Video Illustrations
GPS Enabled for Distance Activities

5BX App Even Tracks Your Performance

It's a breeze tracking your performance with TriadXP. Each workout knows the prescribed reps, time, and distance you should be doing. There's no need to enter performance data. Just tap enter. And, if your actual performance varies, TriadXP's easy-to-use keypad make recording a snap. Plus, TriadXP uses your device GPS to track running and walking activities, against target times. Are you using a treadmill? No problem. Turn GPS off and manually enter your distance.

See Your Accomplishments, Rate Your Progress

You'll feel a sense accomplishment when you see your Workout Summary Screen at the end of each workout. See your performance for each exercise along with the time performed and the actual reps you performed or distance covered. The App saves and retrieves all your workout results. Results you can use to evaluate and plan your workouts. And, if you choose, share your workouts with friends or on social media.

Mobile-Fitness Program, PDF and More

Your TriadXP 5BX App plays all TriadXP workouts and includes an updated PDF workout guide. All 5BX Charts include 12 workouts plus walking and/or running variations depending on the Chart. This TriadXP 5BX version also replaces the straight leg sit-up exercises in the original plan with bent knee positions, which many fitness experts say exercise the abdominal muscles more safely and efficiently.

Buy All 6 Mobile Workouts for Just $9.95 and
SAVE $15.00

Get updated exercises based on current fitness trends. Mobile-exercise programs with exercise videos and audio guidance. Plus, with TriadXP's free mobile app, you get to work out anywhere, anytime, any way you want. No more worrying about what to do next or how to record your performance.

5BX Charts 1 - 4 include 36 workouts per Chart. While Charts 5 - 6 include 24 workouts per Chart. All totaled you get 192 audio-visual exercise routines for just $9.95. That's just 5 cents a workout.

Think about it. Most fitness apps charge you $9.95 a month and, if you don't renew, you lose access to their workouts. With TriadXP, you always have access to your training programs, PDFs, tracking tools, and results. Use them as long as you like. There are NO recurring charges and NO hidden fees.

How to start:

  1. Select a Chart or purchase all 6 Charts and save
  2. Sign into your TriadXP account.
  3. Download the free TriadXP App and get moving!