Four Ab Exercises to Mix Up
Your Core Routine

Work more muscles, burn more calories and
sculpt your six-pack. 

Three of these Ab exercises will have your body working more muscles and burning more calories, the other will help you sculpt your six-pack. 

Having a toned and muscular stomach is like wearing a badge of honor.

It shows you (and others) that you have put in the work and dedication
for your healthy body. It also makes you less prone to injuries
caused by a weak core.

There are dozens of muscles around your waist, hips, shoulders,
and spine which work to support every move you make. Having a lean
waist can be the first step towards a more comfortable and healthy life,
especially if you are dealing with back pain. Your first paragraph ...

Powerful ab exercises to spice up your routines...

Get you on your way to a leaner waist and stronger, more flexible core.

Twisting Elbow Planks

Planking is one of the most effective ab exercises for building core strength and your ability to stabilize your spine. It is also effective at working the abdominal muscles including those that make up your six-pack. The side plank is a version of plank that works your obliques or the sides of you stomach. Adding any kind of motion to a traditional plank causes your body to call on more muscles to maintain your balance. So, spice up your plank with a twist to work your obliques and tone your shoulders. Give this compound move a try, it will remind you that you’re probably not working your obliques enough and focusing too much on your front core.
Plank Jacks

Just as the name implies, the plank jack combines the plank and, you guessed it, the jumping jack. By adding the Jack to the plank, your body has to call on more muscles to maintain your balance. Many celebrity trainers like to incorporate plank jacks in their workouts because it activates the entire body calling on your cardio capacity while developing strength and stability in your core and shoulders. Try jacking up your workouts by putting a Jack in your plank! 

Elbows to Knees Crunches

Sometimes called Double Crunches, this move combines a basic crunch and a reverse crunch. While crunches won’t make you thin…researchers at the University of Virginia found that it takes 250,000 crunches to burn 1 pound of fat, they do work just a core in a very controlled manner, flexing and releasing the core muscles to help build your abs. So, trying sprinkling in your crunches during recovery periods…they’re a great time to do body sculpting. 


Tired of burpees? Mix in some Froggers.  They’ll bring the child in you out while giving your entire body a workout. It’s a great way to work your arms, abs, glutes, legs and heart all in one movement. If you’re a beginner or have weak upper body strength or weak knees, you should take this one slow. This plank to squat move utilizes your own body weight to also train the big muscles of your lower body and back. So, unlike crunches, you’re working more muscles and burning more calories.

Fogger exercise starting position.
Fogger exercise ending position.

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