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Here's how we got step-by-step guidance for Shape Magazine's Afterburn-boosting Total-Body Workout on a mobile device...

See It. Replicate It. Do It.
From a Magazine Rack to a Phone 

When Shape magazine's Afterburn-Boosting Total-Body Workout appeared in the New Science of Strong special edition issue, we just knew it was time to turn it into a TriadXP mobile exercise program. The routine is a printed version of it's YouTube workout posted seven years called the Afterburn-Boosting Total-Body Workout. Here's the problem with it. It's a great workout on the wrong mediums. 

Sure YouTube videos are great for a general overview of a workout and that's about it. You still have to struggle to remember the exercises, the order and the reps not to the treadmill routine. And printing it a magazine doesn't help with either of these hassles either. On top that neither medium offers anyway to track your workout.

As a result, I'm guessing not many people were able to do much with this workout, let alone even give it a try.  At least until now.

Introducing the TriadXP fitness app. 
An easy way to take  Shape Magazine's Afterburn-Boosting
Total-Body Workout

Both the magazine article and YouTube video give you the workout, all the exercises, and the prescribed times, speeds, and reps. But, with 3 rounds of pyramid style treadmill activities for set times along with a circuit of 8 exercises, there's a lot to remember and track. 

That's where the TriadXP app comes in. It takes the content in Shape's Afterburn-Boosting Total-Body Workout and turns into an audiovisual guided workout experience. The app lets you tailor your experience from just simple voice commands to including exercise images from the article, videos from the app's exercise database, from images and GIFs in other exercise libraries, or YouTube Videos.

Once you open the app, select Create and a workout canvas opens for you name the workout and, if you want, add a description. Then, you just start adding or creating your exercises, circuits/supersets or rest/recovery periods. You can add them from TriadXP's exercise database or create them on the fly with as little or as much detail as you want. If you only want voice guidance for your workout, just create the exercise name you want announced. If you want images or GIFs of the exercise you can add them from your photo gallery or snap a picture with your device's camera. You can also use a YouTube video of the exercise. And, if you want to get really detailed, you can add an exercise description or instructional GIFs or YouTube videos. Instructional videos are great to reference before you start your workout to learn how to perform the exercise properly or just to get reminders about key points in the movement. So, if you happen to have a YouTube video you want to reference from time to time, add it. Next time you want to reference it, you won't have to hunt for it. it well right there with the exercise in your TriadXP exercise library. Remember, the nice thing about all this is that it's up to you how detailed you want to go with your creation and experience.

See It.

Shape afterburn workout from mag

The first step is find a workout. The sources are unlimited. Books, magazines, PDFs, websites. They can be range from just an exercise listing and a prescribe workout of time, reps, distance, resistance, rest periods, etc. to all that plus images, GIFs or even YouTube videos. 

In this case, it was an article I saw flipping through Shape's magazine while killing time at the airport. The article has extensive details from exercise descriptions, images plus prescribe reps and times to perform each exercise. So, I bought it. 

Replicate It.

Afterburn photo gallery

On the plane, I took a few pictures, cropped them and saved them to my photo gallery. Just fun, I even played with the ground remover. Like I said, you can get as detailed and creative as you want. After all, it's your workout, right?

The app lets you crop exercises as you load them from your gallery. But, since I like to play around with and edit the images, I do I like to edit and save them ahead of time. It's purely personal choice. The TriadXP is very versatile with lots ways to upload images, that is if you even want them.  

Replicate Afterburn workout

Next, I started to build the workout which was really easy. I just clicked the Create option in the app's main menu. That opened a workout canvas. From that menu I'm able to add exercises, circuits/supersets, or rest/recovery periods.

Since Shape's Shape's Afterburn-Boosting Total-Body Workout is really 3 circuits consisting of a Treadmill routine plus 7 exercises, I selected add circuit. that opened up an easy to follow circuit canvas to which I started adding my exercises, the images and the exercise targets (time and reps in this case).

Shape afterburn workout in TriadXp

It really didn't take too long to build the first circuit, once you do one exercise, its only a matter of repeating the process for the others.

I only added exercise names and their images. You can add up to 3 images per exercise or, you search the TriadXP exercise database to see if there's a GIF there, or you can search the web or YouTube if you want to use a video or different images.

Again, it's entirely up to you. I've seen som people just use the exercise name. But you can even add coaching tips or reminders that you want announced during your workout. Did I mention, you make your workouts as detailed as you want? 

One drawback though. If you decide you want to add more information to your exercise, you can do it by editing the exercise in your exercise library. However, the edits will only apply the next time you use the exercise. If you want to apply the updates to older workouts, you have to reload the exercise. 

Adding the other two circuits to the workout was super easy. All I had to do was copy the first circuit, give it a new name, and adjust the prescriptions for the exercises. It was fast and very easy. 

When I completed building my three circuits, I saved the workout to My Workouts folder, which like the exercise database is unlimited. So, you can create as many version or types of workouts as you'd like. Another great feature with TriadXP is that you can add several different exercises to a work then deactivate the ones you don't want to use and activate the ones do want to use. That helps cut down on the number version you build and makes it easier to recall exercise substitutions. 

I keep saying it, the app has so much utility its ridiculous. There's really little you can't down with this app. 

Do It.

Afterburn perform

Performing your workout is the easiest part. Just pop in your earbuds and follow along. TriadXP provides just the right guidance and announcements plus whatever narratives you added. 

The verbal cues announce the exercise, the prescription, and any additional narrative you added. If the exercised time, you'll be asked to enter your results when the time expires. If its rep driven, just tap next and the app will prompt you for your results. And, if its distance driven you have the choice to take your results manually (treadmill or track), use the devices GPS, or interface with Concept 2 equipment. The last two options will track and record the distance for you. 

When you complete your workout, you get an exercise by exercise report of your performance for each metric you choose to track. You can also share your results with friends, family, coaches, etc. via email, social or text. Finally, and this is my favorite, TriadXP's Accountability Calendar marks the days you worked out with orange Triads so you can build a workout chain you won't want to break.

In summary, the TriadXP app goes far beyond just replicating workouts. It has so much utility you can not only replicate just about any workout complete with all its content and more if you want. You can truly customize your workouts to fit your needs, circumstance and goals. Try it and see for yourself. There's no other app like it.


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