Five At Home Exercise Routines That Will Guide You to Better Health Now.
You Won't Believe Number Five. 

This Year Make Better Health a Reality with One of These At Home Exercise Routines...

Here are the top five at home exercise routines fitness goers turned to on for better health. Each offers workout guidance and tracking. Whether your goal is to "get back into it" or "ace a tactical  fitness test," you'll find a program that's right for you. 

The Simple Six: The Easy Way to Get in Shape and Stay in Shape for the Rest of your Life

The Simple Six is an innovative new workout program designed to provide maximum results with the least amount of effort. Free of all the usual filler and hype, The Simple Six is a real program, for real people, offering real results. 

The TriadXP version is a perfect complement to your Simple Six program. Providing audio-visual guidance, it lets you know what to do, when, how many, and with how much weight. TriadXP tracks and logs all your workouts, so no more paper and pen or other apps. Plus you can customize your workout any way you want. So you can change exercises, reps, time, distances or resistance to fit your personal needs or circumstances.  The unique programming method found only in The Simple Six is based on the idea that repeating a small amount of work consistently can lead to great changes in the way you look, the way you feel, and the way you think about fitness and exercise. 

If you're looking for a simple, straightforward way to build a strong, balanced, and capable physique, then The Simple Six is for you and performing it with the TriadXP app will help you reach your fitness goals.

The Simple Six is a simple at home exercise routine to get in shape and stay in shape for the rest of your life!

Get Strong - 16-Week Transformation Program by Al Kavadlo and Danny Kavadlo

This in-app version of the Get Strong program is perfect for you if you’re already doing the Get Strong program and want some extra accountability. And it’s a perfect way to start the program if you’ve never tried it before. Use it in conjunction with the book or on its own.

Too often, we know what we should be doing to gain strength, but we lack direction, a plan, motivation, and intelligent guidance to make appreciable gains over the long haul. We have no real goal, no proper focus, and therefore underachieve—going nowhere with our strength…

This Get Strong exercise program with audiovisual workout guidance, tracking, and mobility is the perfect tool for those who are dissatisfied with their current rate of progress—and who want to effect lasting changes, fast…

While the Kavadlo brothers have achieved supreme feats of calisthenics strength—like the one-arm pull-up, the human flag, and the back lever—and are no strangers to at home exercise routines. They have spent decades helping thousands of clients meet and often exceed their training goals. With the Kavadlo brothers’ strategies, you get strength and looks in one awesome package.

As experienced architects and constructors of strength, the Kavadlos know what it takes to advance from absolute newbie to elite practitioner. The Kavadlos also know how to strip things down to their essentials—to get the most out of the least, the biggest bang for the buck… 

With Get Strong, you’ll discover what key exercises in what exact progressions will give you the best results in the fastest, safest time.

Isometric Bodybuilding with The Isochain Ultimate Isometric Device

Now You Can Hear Exercise Cues and Track Your Progress on Your Mobile Device While You Work Out With the Isochain, the Ultimate Isometric Training Device.

Get Stronger Sooner and More Safely—Using this Breakthrough Method of Isometric Training

Discover how in only 10 minutes a day of isometrics you can make significant gains in whole-body strength, cardio conditioning, physique-building, and explosive power. Get the programming and tracking you need to measure your progress and blow through your current limitations.

  • Restore your energy with fast, efficient workouts that leave you feeling vigorous and powerful.
  • Enhance your athleticism as you move with greater speed and strength.
  • Reduce body fat and become harder faster.
  • Grow bigger muscles in record time.
  • Lift heavier with minimal risk of injury to joints and tendons.

“Finally, A No-Nonsense At Home Exercise Routine and Training Device and In-App Program to Give You Measurable, Satisfying Strength Gains for Years to Come!”

Thanks to Paul Wade’s innovative ISOCHAIN, you can now — for the first time ever — quickly build a superb physique in just a few minutes a day, at home…

This Isochain at home exercise routine gives voice to all of the Isochain isometric exercises described in Paul Wade’s The Ultimate Isometrics Manual, along with a variety of warm-ups and cool downs. Each workout on the app comes with photographs and descriptions of the relevant exercises. You also get the recommended reps, sets, and rest periods to follow. And, since the app guides you through each workout and tracks your results, there’s never any doubt about your progress.

The Complete 5BX Plan and XBX Plan

A classic among at home exercise routines. The 5BX and XBX plans will help you look better, feel better in just 11 minutes a day!

Get fit: 

  • By yourself
  • At home
  • In your spare time
  • At your rate of progress
  • Without discomfort only 11 minutes a day.

5BX means five basic exercises for men and XBX means 10 basic exercises for women. Each of these at home exercise routines is:

  • SIMPLE: easy to do, easy to follow.
  • PROGRESSIVE: develop your fitness at your rate, to your required level, without getting stiff or sore muscles.
  • BALANCED: condition your muscles, heart, and lungs harmoniously for your daily needs.
  • COMPLETE: the principles of muscle and organic development are applied simultaneously and progressively.
  • SELF-MEASURING: clear cut "targets for fitness" for your age and body build, along with graduated standards for checking your progress.
  • CONVENIENT: do these exercises any place at your...
  • CONVENIENCE: without any exercise equipment.

Research history has demonstrated the 5BX and XBX Plans can help you:

  • Increase the strength of the essential muscle groups needed in everyday living.
  • Increase the ability of muscles used in essential body movements to function efficiently for long periods.
  • Increase the speed of response of the relevant muscles of the body.
  • Keep the essential muscles and joints of the body supple and flexible.
  • Improve the efficiency and the capacity of the heart, lungs, and other body organs.
  • Increase the capacity for physical exertion.

Each series includes downloadable, easy to follow, easy to use workouts and a complimentary PDF exercise booklet. The entire collection includes numerous fitness levels and workouts plus audio guidance and exercise photos or videos to guide you step-by-step through each workout. 

Never before has this legendary program been updated based on current fitness trends and offered as a complete mobile exercise program with exercise videos and audio guidance. And, with TriadXP's results tracking capabilities, there’s no need to worry about what to do next or how to record your results.

Tactical Fitness Programs

Stew Smith focuses on fitness testing programs for entrance into military, special operations, police, and firefighting communities. His passion is tactical fitness - in fact he trains local young men and women for free more than 500 hours a year.

Though not exactly what you'd consider at home exercise routines, Stew's best-selling fitness programs have helped prepare young men and women for any profession that requires a fitness test as well as prepare them for the follow-on training they seek. Whether or not your fitness may one day be the difference between life and death in your profession, it will pay to add one of these fitness programs into your daily schedule:

  • Calisthenics and Cardio Workouts
  • Ace the FBI Physical Fitness Test
  • The 90 Day Workout Plan
  • The Physical Fitness Bible – ACE any tactical fitness test


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