This Do It Yourself Convict Conditioning In-App Training Supplement Expands Dragon Door's Popular Training Program 

It's here! The Do It Yourself Convict Conditioning Training Supplement. Thanks to the team at Dragon Door Publications you can go your own way and make your own amazing guided bodyweight workout routines that you track and log with your mobile device.

"I love the ability to tailor the [Convict Conditioning] exercises to my personal training. It's easy to set up, alter, amend and use!" - Robert N. 

Face it. You can get tired of changing your workout plans and worrying about memorizing them. 

And what about juggling all those different exercise formats like ebooks, videos, YouTube workouts, and PDFs. So, if you want to eliminate these hassles and go from winging it straight to nailing it, read on!

For the first time ever, you can create your own guided multimedia workouts using ANY of Paul Wade's exercises from his renowned Convict Conditioning program with Dragon Door's new TriadXP-enabled "Do It Yourself" Convict Conditioning Training Supplement. 

Creating your own Convict Conditioning routine just got even easier and much more exciting. It's the perfect supplement to your Convict Conditioning book or in-app workout with Paul Wade's preplanned workout routines

Just tap and get moving...

With this Do It Yourself Convict Conditioning In-App Program, It's easy to create circuits or straight set routines for your warm-up sets and work sets

Select the exercise progressions, reps, and sets you to want to perform and track from any of Paul Wade’s 60 exercises—6 basic exercises, 10 progressions each. Or select the exercise and prescription you want to perform and track from any of his three skill levels: Basic, Intermediate, and Elite. 

Best of all, you’ll get audiovisual workout cues to guide you step-by-step through your routine and be able to easily track the sets and reps you perform for each exercise. What's even better, with the Do It Yourself Convict Conditioning In-App Program, you can log all your workouts each day, add workout notes, and fully customize your routine. You can even switch your exercises from reps to time-based. 

Planning and creating your routines the traditional way is literally taking time away from your actual workout. With this DIY Convict Conditioning Training Supplement, you can make the most of your time and workout sessions. It's a swift and efficient way to create and perform the routines you want to do. And, since you can tweak all of the essential aspects of your routine, you can drive the results you want to achieve. With this special Training Supplement, you can have your own fully personalized guided multimedia workout complete with instructional exercises and descriptions to help you perform each exercise correctly. 

Don't miss out on this opportunity to level up your Convict Conditioning game. Buy it now and save 30%. This offer ends on September 6, 2021.