Hybrid Strength Training: Total Body Conditioning With World-Renowned Trainer Danny Kavadlo

Hybrid Strength Training: World-renown trainer Danny Kavadlo taps into over two decades of training to bring you a total-strength program of weightlifting and calisthenics.

Join us as we give TriadXP users exclusive access to the workouts from Danny Kavadlo's just-released book: Hybrid Strength Training. Danny has been a trainer in New York for over two decades and over that time has come to perfect a total-strength workout method that utilizes both weightlifting and calisthenics (bodyweight). 

The results for both Danny as a fitness enthusiast and his clients speak for themselves. His programs are about real strength and his clients all have found that when he says these workouts get you jacked, shredded, and strong, he is not kidding.

Why calisthenics is an ideal way to get jacked, shredded, and strong:

  1. Minimal equipment: you can get the greatest results from the least amount of equipment, saving you space and money.
  2. Compulsory creativity: as you'll soon find out, a single step or pull-up bar has an infinite potential for new uses.
  3. Superior baseline: calisthenics serves as a foundation of safety and skill before moving into weightlifting.

Why weightlifting is a great way to get jacked, shredded, and strong:

  1. Targeting muscles: target individual muscles or muscle groups.
  2. Simply scalable exercise: it's easy to push yourself with weight training simply by adjusting the weight as your skills and capacity increase.
  3. Ability to go heavier: weight training offers the ability to lift a heavier absolute load.

Three Hybrid Strength Training Programs in One 

We are thrilled to bring the three workouts from his latest book to TriadXP so app-minded fitness goers can enjoy the workouts from their own home or wherever they want to work out with easy-to-follow workout guidance and tracking. Each program is six weeks long and is fine-tuned for different skill levels.

Three full-body Hybrid Strength Training workouts to choose from:

Program 1

Blue Flame:

For the beginner or intermediate workout enthusiast, Blue Flame builds a foundation for future strength with progressively more advanced workouts so you'll be familiar with the basics and beyond. Setting up the groundwork for a safe and effective Hybrid Strength Training Journey, this program is the perfect blast-off point to a whole new you.

Program 2

Red Hot:

For the intermediate to advanced workout enthusiast, Red Hot builds on the basics learned in Blue Flame, incorporating more exercises and tougher workouts guiding you to push yourself even further than you thought you could go. Get ready for your fitness to reach whole new levels.

Program 3


For the advanced Hybrid Strength Training devotee who is now ready to go into total beast mode, HELLYEAH is not for the faint of heart. Prepare to sweat and shred as your fitness rockets through the stratosphere and reaches new heights!

For those who are ready to take on the journey brought to life through TriadXP and inspired by the Danny Kavadlo new book, the results will be undeniable. Since you can't manage what you don't measure, each program concludes with a self-assessment where you'll be able to make a comprehensive conclusion of where you completely crushed the program and where there's an opportunity to step up.

If you've been looking for a Hybrid Strength Training app with workouts to fit different skill levels, look no further.