Al and Danny Kavadlo Have Helped Thousands Attain Lasting Change, Fast With Their 
“GET STRONG” Bodyweight Exercise Program. 

Now, For The First Time, “GET STRONG” Workouts are
Available with Audiovisual Guidance and Tracking on a
Fitness App from TriadXP. 

Al and Danny Kavadlo are going digital! The creators of Get Strong, one of the most popular bodyweight programs for building strength and a better-looking body, want to help you stay motivated and track your progress with your smartphone.

"We receive countless messages from fans relaying their success with the program. Sometimes these messages also have questions. Other times they make requests." said Al Kavadlo. "The most common request has been for a smartphone app specifically designed to help track progress on the Get Strong program."

The Kavadlo brothers, known for stripping things down to their essentials, have helped thousands of people advance from newbie to elite bodyweight exercise practitioners with this 16-week transformation program. Previously only available in an ebook format, this in-app version provides workout guidance with voice and image cues while adding additional accountability with an easy-to-use mobile tracking system. 

Intelligent and realistic, the plan delivers all the direction, motivation, and guidance needed to make appreciable gains. 

With the Kavadlo brothers’ strategies, you’ll discover what key exercises in what exact progressions will give you the best results in the fastest, safest time.

This in-app version of "Get Strong" guides you through Al and Danny's four major phases of strength: Foundation, Brick and Mortar, Concrete and Iron, and Forged Steel. You'll receive voice and image cues walking you through each weekly workout routine from warm-up to your detailed workout performance summary—and you cannot fail but to grow a stronger and better-looking body. It's inevitable!

When you graduate from Phase 3, Concrete and Iron, you will already possess a beastly level of functional strength—with a body to match.

Then, when you graduate from Phase 4, Forged From Steel, you will be at a world elite level for pound-for-pound strength. And the beauty of it all: you can do it! 

This in-app Get Strong program is perfect for you. If you're already doing the Get Strong program, use it to gain some extra accountability. It's also an ideal way to start the program if you've never tried it before. Use it in conjunction with the book or on its own.

It's available now. And, if you buy before Friday November 6, 2020, you'll pickup both the Get Strong in-app program and the original ebook by Al and Danny Kavadlo for just $19.95 and save 20% off the regular $24.95 price at .

Let's get moving!