The Simple Six: Here's How to Perform and Track This Bestselling Exercise Program Right from Your Mobile Device.

The author of Amazon's bestselling exercise program, The Simple SixClinton Dobbins, wants his readers to get training cues from their mobile devices. Surprisingly, the ability to do that was never an affordable option for him. Yet, in recent weeks, with little effort on his part and no upfront cost, Dobbins turned his program into a mobile app. 

By partnering with Ohio based Triad Fitness Group, LLC, Dobbins converted the exercise routines in his book into app-ready workouts that are sold and delivered through Best of all, since Triad's platform of content conversion services, online store, and mobile app are all free, it cost him nothing. Plus, customers get to use TriadXP's free mobile app to perform their Simple Six workouts with voice and video cues while keeping track of the times, reps, loads, and distances of each exercise for the price of an ebook.  

"A core tenant of my training is consistency, and I see mobile-exercise programs as a way to help people be more efficient with their training time and workouts," said Clinton. "But, as an independent trainer and author, I don't have the time or money to create and maintain a workout app."

The Perfect Complement to Kindle's The Simple Six ebook

Adopting the new medium brings more utility to his training program without cannibalizing his book sales. It also gives him a new channel to sell his product and reach more customers. At the same time, it allows his users a convenient way to work out and log their performance data. With the right data, his users quickly see when and where to modify their workouts and gain control over planning and setting their fitness goals.

"Everything points back to a desire to get people moving because we all know, in today's world, few of us move enough," explains Mike Elia, TriadXP's founder. "Big corporations control the fitness app market. And, most trainers don't have the capital, time, or technology know-how to play in a fast-changing digital world. As a result, people aren't getting the chance to use many of the best training programs from top tier trainers."

It's those barriers wants to help trainers overcome, so fitness enthusiasts at all levels can choose from a wide variety of training programs and a more inclusive group of trainers like The Simple Six and Clinton Dobbins.