How to Create Audio Guided Workouts

Do you have some old workouts lying around?
Here's how to create audio guided workouts
so you can perform them anywhere.

It's early October in the Midwest, the perfect time to create audio guided workouts you can perform outside while enjoying the cool, crisp air and autumn colors.

For some reason, this reminded me of the Royal Canadian Air Force 5BX Plan for Fitness, a perfect combination of calisthenics and outdoor running. To avoid bringing the 5BX pamphlet on my workout and to track my performance easily, I decide to convert the program into an audio guided workout by following these simple steps.

What you need to get started

First and foremost, in some places it’s apparently not legal to convert published materials from the format in which it was purchased to another format. My advice? Check your local laws first, and don’t break them.

Beyond that, the first thing you'll need to create audio guided workouts is at least one workout. Keeping on with the 5BX theme, I’m going to convert my pristine original 5BX pamphlet or at least the four exercises and run/walk activities in Chart 4 below into an audio guided workout.

5BX Plan for Fitness (3rd Edition), A Royal Canadian Air Force Publication, Page 27.

When selecting a workout, be sure to pick a routine you enjoy. You might also want to include a warm and cool routine before and after your core routine. The routine should list all the exercises and the protocol to follow (e.g. time, reps, distance, sets and/or resistance levels). 

Next, you'll need an app to convert your workout. There are several options depending on the type of workout and whether or not you want to track your results or share them with others. Two of the most popular "do it yourself" apps include SecondsPro (time based) and MapMyRun (distance based) both are available on iPhone and Android.

I'm going to use Triad Trainer, a new app in prototype testing, to build my audio workout. It's available on iPhone and Android. It allows me to do a variety of workouts and mix time, reps, and distance protocols and automatically tracks my performance and lets me share my results...all in one app.

Creating an audio guided workout with Triad Trainer

Once you have your workout routines, it's easy to create audio guided workouts with Triad Trainer.

To show you just how easy it is, lets create the 5BX Chart 4 workout above at a B+ target level using Triad Trainer.

To summarize, here's the workout we're building:

  • Exercise 1 (Arms Apart Circular Toe Touch) - Time: 2:00 | Reps: 28
  • Exercise 2 (Straight Leg Sit-ups) - Time: 1:00 | Reps: 21
  • Exercise 3 (Floor T-Raise) - Time: 1:00 | Reps: 47
  • Exercise 4 (Wide-Hands Pushup) - Time: 1:00 | Reps: 34
  • Walk 2 miles - Time: 20 minutes (at my age, this is a jog)

Below is a screen video of me creating the workout with Triad Trainer on my iPhone 6. It took me just 3 minutes and 33 seconds including time to fix my typos. Note, I added 5 second transition (rest) periods between exercises to give me time to change positions.

There's a lot of utility in Triad Trainer to allow you to convert virtually any workout you want into a mobile, self-tracking, audio guided workout.

In addition to an advanced search function, Triad Trainer:

  • Has a copy/paste function to speed up workout creation
  • Allows you to add exercises on the fly
  • Lets you create reusable circuits perfect for incorporating warm-up and cool down routines into all your workouts
  • Handles both weight and band resistance for any exercise
  • and much more.   

While creating workout routines is simple, its the workout experience that really matters. So, I'll create another video of me performing this workout later. In the meantime, you can see what an audio guided workout in Triad Trainer looks like and sounds like and how it records your performance while you workout by clicking here.


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