Author of Pilates for Athletes, Sean Vigue, Releases New Digital Version of His Bestselling Pilates Workout Program 

Now you can easily personalize your Pilates routines and be more efficient with your time and workouts.

Sean Vigue might have never developed Pilates for Athletes had it not been for freak dancing injury.

As an avid fitness enthusiast, he trained every day to stay fit and healthy, or at least he thought so. If he didn't make a daily pilgrimage to the gym, he would feel inadequate, out of shape, pointless, sad, you name it. He loved to strength train with weights; in fact, that's all he ever did until he hurt his back. What Sean learned from that injury taught him the importance of core training, flexibility training, and mobility training, and the creation of the Pilates for Athletes training program.

Sean learned and today practices a type of Pilates called Pilates mat. Pilates mat is just as the title implies: Pilates workouts using only an exercise mat. No equipment, no apparatus, no machines—only your bodyweight to perform the exercises, workouts, and flows.  

The Story Behind His Bestselling Pilates Training Program

But until he took that first Pilates mat class after his back injury, he had only briefly heard of Pilates. Yet, It only took that first class for Sean to realize three things: He lacked body control. His core was weak and imbalanced. He loved this new way of moving.

Since he primarily strength trained, he never experienced a workout like Pilates before. Unlike his strength training routines, Pilates emphasis things he never thought much about, like good form, breath, fluid movements, constant improvement through a particular exercise, and a hefty dose of endurance training.

By the end of that first class, he felt overwhelmed. Watching someone doing Pilates and doing them yourself is, well, misleading at best. Take the Pilates 100 exercise, for example. You have to get on the mat and o them. Extend your legs, pump your arms to a 5-count rhythm, all while stabilizing your core, lifting your legs, and tightening your abs on each exhale. Until you do that, you'll never have any idea how you can experience so many conflicting feelings and emotions from just one movement.

Soon Sean started doing Pilates workouts and core strengthening with his fellow actors. He found Pilates no only helped him hone his skills; they increased his energy levels mostly because he no longer suffered from the energy depletion of a poor posture, shallow breathing, and a tight body from lack of flexibility.

It didn't take long for Sean to begin teaching and creating his Pilates classes for whoever wanted to attend. He worked with powerlifters, desk jockeys, triathletes, dancers, golfers, former athletes, couch potatoes, weightlifters, stay-at-home moms, coaches...everyone was welcome. 

According to Sean, "Pilates is extremely versatile. It meets you exactly where your mind and body are waiting. It guides you. It pushes you with firm gentleness. It wins you over on those days when you absolutely don't want to train. It is a conditioning partner for life. It is yours."

From his years of teaching Pilates, Sean learned that the Pilates method is essential for athletes in any sport and level of fitness. He has witnessed a range of applications for Pilates. Runners used them to rehab and heal imbalance injuries. Football players used them to build a stronger, more balanced core to increase their speed. Pilates helped hockey players ratchet up their endurance. While golfers tacked on added flexibility, strength, and control to their backswing with them. Even skiers improve the power of their directional changes.

It Doesn't Matter If You're an Elite Athlete or Everyday Athlete, Pilates for Athletes is for You

"There is no sport on Earth which I have not seen firsthand--and through my online videos-- that hasn't massively benefitted from incorporating Pilates mat practice into their training regime," said Sean. "Today Pilates machines and apparatus have started to make huge inroads in the training of athletes, But Pilates mat has yet to properly breakthrough. That's why I created Pilates for Athletes to talk directly to athletes."

So. Do you define yourself as an athlete? Are you someone who wants to improve at your craft constantly? Are you able to participate in your favorite sports and activities while giving 100 percent? Perhaps you play golf every other weekend or are a forward in the NBA? If you enjoy playing a sport, have a passion for it, and won't improve your mental and physical conditioning to realize your potential? You're an athlete, and Pilates for Athletes is designed for you.

The published version of Pilates for Athletes serves as an excellent on-the-go Pilates training manual. It contains all the original exercises from Joseph Pilates, along with modifications and add-ons to fit your fitness level. In it, you'll find:

  • Warm-up exercises
  • Pilates reformer exercises (a machine which consists of a sliding carriage with springs, bars, and straps) translated for the mat
  • A Power Pilates section to up your training with challenging variations, 
  • Even some Power Yoga (another movement passion of mine). 

All that, plus cool-down stretches for deep release and a massive amount of Pilates workouts to get you moving and reaping the immediate benefits of Pilates.

Go Out to the Field or an Arena, Pop in Your Ear Buds, and Do Your Favorite Pilate Flow 

"My goal is for every athlete of every sport, age, and fitness level to ignite their training with Pilates," Sean explains. "And, today, more and more athletes use apps for workout guidance and tracking. They want convenience and portability so they can be more efficient with their time and workouts. So, I teamed up with TriadXP to make all 35 Pilate workouts in the book available on iOS and Android devices complete with voice and visual workout guidance and tracking."   

With the new digital version of Pilates for Athletes, every athlete can practice Pilates regularly to build and improve flexibility, core and overall muscular strength, focus, balance, endurance, and control.

So, whether you like to move, build, create and improve. Are you competitive and want to dominate? Or perhaps you want more and to be better. Regardless of what's motivating, let Pilates for Athletes ignite your athletic training. Are you ready? Click here now and let Pilates for Athletes guide you through life changing workout!