Power Yoga

Sean Vigue's Power Yoga Bundle

The Ultimate Mind-Body Experience

Photo by Artem Beliaikin from PexelsPhoto by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

Power Yoga. It’s a complete full-body conditioning program, designed to push your strength and flexibility.  

POWER YOGA offers a complete and challenging experience for athletes and fitness aficionados of all ages and fitness levels. You’ll learn what works best for your fitness level and needs, with a focused approach to your practice.  

With NO equipment requirement and targeted attention to your needs, Sean Vigue offers the training and support you need.


Sean "Coach" Vigue is the most followed online Power Yoga and Pilates instructor. His training techniques and strategies have already been used by millions around the world, from beginners to elite athletes.


Photo by Marta Wave from Pexels

POWER YOGA is designed to give you guaranteed results, no matter what level of performance you’re currently at. The top POWER YOGA poses were first introduced in Coach Vigue’s bestselling book, Power Yoga. His book has been so popular that Coach Vigue wants to make it even more accessible to a wider audience.  

So, he’s releasing those epic POWER YOGA poses via POWER YOGA training cues straight from your mobile devices. Here are the top benefits.

  • Amazing Flexibility & Mobility 
  • Mastery of Your Mind/Body Connection 
  • Increased Performance & Stamina 
  • Better Awareness of Balance, with Injury Prevention 
  • Superhero Strength (Abs, Lower Back, Hips, & Gluts) 

All 25 POWER YOGA workouts are NOW available as a part of our in-app TriadXP fitness program! Each workout is designed to help you build strength and increase stamina while boosting your energy. It feels AMAZING.


Studies have proven that a 30-minute power yoga can dramatically improve performance and flexibility, no matter what fitness level you’re at. With continued practice, you’ll see even more dramatic results. That’s why this POWER YOGA program is so important! 

POWER YOGA is designed to offer an easy and accessible way for athletes to tap into the benefits of yoga practice without the hassle of more traditional forms. Begin where you are right now and move forward as you discover the power of this popular program. 

With the TriadXP fitness app, you get:

  • To edit the flows to work for your specific needs
  • World-class voice and visual guidance
  • Control
  • To track your workouts 

The benefits of POWER YOGA for athletes abound, but this program is also about ensuring that athletes and any other sports-minded person avoid those common injuries. Focus on simple flows and workouts to better support long-term stability and mobility.


The benefits of POWER YOGA are already well-known by high-profile athletes like LeBron James, who famously says: “Yoga isn’t just about the body, it’s also about the mind, and it’s a technique that has really helped me.” 

  •  It’s the secret weapon for athletes everywhere. WHY? It’s the full-body workout that allows every athlete to improve their razor-sharp focus, flexibility, endurance, and strength.   
  • POWER YOGA supports the development of powerful, long, lean muscles. That strength and flexibility translate to better performance in virtually any area of fitness and sports practice.  

This POWER YOGA program is designed to be a gateway for all athletes. It’s a way for any fitness or athletics-minded individuals to dip a toe in and discover just what yoga offers. You, too, can discover the world of difference POWER YOGA practice makes in every person’s life.  


For a limited time, we’re offering a bundled deal for the holidays. Now you can access Coach Vigue’s popular and proven Power Yoga flows with a special Seven Day Power Yoga Challenge as a special Bundle Deal. 


By now, you know that POWER YOGA can offer AMAZING benefits. It’s already been proven to work for millions around the world. The only question now is how to tap into POWER YOGA for your own needs. That’s easy. Learn more about Sean Vigue’s Power Yoga Bundle.  

Then, BUY IT NOW to get started today! It’s as easy as that, and you won’t regret it